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Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

Section 1 of SDS provides information on the type of substance or mixture as well as the name of the supplier, recommended uses, and the contact detail information of the supplier including an emergency contact.

SECTION 1: Identification


​​1.1    Product identifier


Product name [The identity of the substance or mixture (GHS product identifier) should be exactly as found

on the label. If one generic SDS is used to cover several minor variants of a substance or mixture, all names

and variants should be listed on the SDS or the SDS should clearly delineate the range of substances included.

Other means of identification, such as alternative names, numbers, company product codes, or other unique identifiers may also be provided]



1.2    Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use

[SDS writer should provide the recommended or intended use of the substance or mixture, including a brief

description of what it actually does, e.g. flame retardant, anti-oxidant, etc. Restrictions on use should, as far

as possible, be stated including non-statutory recommendations by the supplier]


1.3   Supplier's details

[The name, full address and phone number(s) of the supplier should be included on the SDS]

1.4   Emergency phone number

[Provide emergency phone number. References to emergency information services should be included in all SDS. Writers should provide any applicable restrictions, such as hours of operation (e.g. Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., or 24 hours) or limits on specific types of information (e.g., medical emergencies, or transportation emergencies)]

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