Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

SDS Section 3 Composition/information on ingredients provides information on the ingredient(s) of the product. This includes identifying impurities and stabilizing additives which are themselves classified and which contribute to the classification of the substance. This section may also be used to provide information on complex substances. When applicable, the exclusion of confidential information must clearly stated here as well.

SECTION 3: Composition/information on ingredients

[For a substance]:

​[The identity of a substance is provided by its common chemical name. The chemical name can be identical to the GHS product identifier. Common names and synonyms should be provided where appropriate. Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number and other unique identifiers for the substance must be included here. All impurities and/or stabilizing additives, which are themselves classified and which contribute to the classification of the substance must be identified here]

[For a mixture]:

[The chemical identity, identification number, and concentration or concentration ranges of all hazardous ingredients, which are hazardous to health or the environment within the meaning of the GHS, and are present above their cut-off levels, must be included here. Manufacturers or suppliers may choose to list all ingredients, including non-hazardous ingredients. The concentrations of the ingredients of a mixture should be described as:

(a) exact percentages in descending order by mass or volume; or

(b) ranges of percentages in descending order by mass or volume if such ranges are acceptable to the appropriate competent national authority.

When using a proportion range, the health and environmental hazard effects should describe the effects of the highest concentration of each ingredient, provided that the effects of the mixture as a whole are not available]

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