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Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

SDS Section 4 First-aid measures provides information on the initial care that can be given by an untrained responder without the use of sophisticated equipment and without a wide selection of medications available. If medical attention is required, the instructions should state this, including its urgency. It may be useful to provide information on the immediate effects, by route of exposure, and indicate the immediate treatment, followed by possible delayed effects with specific medical surveillance required.

SECTION 4: First-aid measures

4.1    Description of necessary first-aid measures

​[Provide first-aid instructions by relevant routes of exposure. Use sub-headings to indicate the procedure for each route (e.g. inhalation, skin, eye and ingestion). Describe expected immediate and delayed symptoms.

Provide advice whether:

(a) immediate medical attention is required and if delayed effects can be expected after exposure;

(b) movement of the exposed individual from the area to fresh air is recommended;

(c) removal and handling of clothing and shoes from the individual is recommended; and

(d)personal protective equipment (PPE) for first-aid responders is recommended]

4.2    Most important symptoms/effects, acute and delayed

[Provide information on the most important symptoms/effects, acute and delayed, from exposure]

4.3    Indication of immediate medical attention and special treatment needed

[Where appropriate, provide information on clinical testing and medical monitoring for delayed effects, specific details on antidotes (where they are known) and contraindications]


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