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Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

SDS Section 5 Fire-fighting measures provides the requirements for fighting a fire caused by the substance or mixture,

or arising in its vicinity.

SECTION 5: Fire-fighting measures

5.1    Suitable extinguishing media

​[Provide information on the appropriate extinguishing media. In addition, indicate whether any extinguishing media are inappropriate for a particular situation involving the substance or mixture]

5.2    Specific hazards arising from the chemical

[Provide advice on specific hazards that may arise from the chemical, such as hazardous combustion products that form when the substance or mixture burns. For example:

(a) “may produce toxic fumes of carbon monoxide if burning”; or

(b)“produces oxides of sulphur and nitrogen on combustion”]

5.3    Special protective actions for fire-fighters

[Provide advice on any protective actions to be taken during fire fighting. For example:

“keep containers cool with water spray"]


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