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Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

SDS Section 6 Accidental release measures provides the appropriate response to spills, leaks, or releases in order to

prevent or minimize the adverse effects on persons, property and the environment in this section. Distinguish between responses for large and small spills where the spill volume has a significant impact on the hazard. The procedures for containment and recovery may indicate that different practices are required.


SECTION 6: Accidental release measures

6.1    Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures

[For non-emergency personnel:

Provide advice related to accidental spills and release of the substance or mixture such as:

(a) the wearing of suitable protective equipment (including personal protective equipment) to prevent any contamination of skin, eyes and personal clothing;

(b) removal of ignition sources and provision of sufficient ventilation; and

(c) emergency procedures such as the necessity to evacuate the danger area or to consult an expert.

For emergency responders:

Provide advice related to suitable fabric for personal protective clothing (e.g.: “appropriate: Butylene; not appropriate: PVC)]


6.2    Environmental precautions

[Provide advice on any environmental precautions related to accidental spills and release of the substance or mixture, such as keeping away from drains, surface and ground water]

6.3    Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up

[Provide appropriate advice on how to contain and clean up a spill. Appropriate containment techniques may include:

(a) bunding, covering of drains; and

(b) capping procedures

Appropriate clean up procedures may include:

(a) neutralization techniques;

(b) decontamination techniques;

(c) adsorbent materials;

(d) cleaning techniques;

(e) vacuuming techniques; and

(f) equipment required for containment/clean up (include the use of non-sparking tools and equipment where applicable).

Provide any other issues relating to spills and releases. For example, including advice on inappropriate containment or clean up techniques]


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