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Safety Data Sheet Layout Guide

(according to GHS rev. 3)

SECTION 9: Physical and chemical properties

[SDS Section 9 Physical and chemical properties provides the empirical data of the substance or mixture (if possible).

In the case of a mixture, the entries should clearly indicate to which ingredient the data apply, unless it is valid for the whole mixture. The data included in this sub-section should apply to the substance or mixture.

Clearly identify the following properties and specify appropriate units of measure and/or reference conditions where appropriate. If relevant for the interpretation of the numeric value, the method of determination should also be provided (e.g. for flash point, open-cup/closed-cup):

Appearance (physical state, colour etc);


Odour threshold


Melting point/freezing point

Initial boiling point and boiling range

Flash point

Evaporation rate

Flammability (solid, gas)

Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits

Vapour pressure

Vapour density

Relative density


Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water

Auto-ignition temperature

Decomposition temperature



If specific characteristics do not apply or are not available, they should still be listed on the SDS with a statement that they do not apply or not available. Other physical or chemical parameters in addition to those listed above may also be included in this section of the SDS]

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